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We all want to live a meaningful and purposeful life, but the search for meaning often leaves us seeking instead of discovering what we want and who we truly are. I offer a personalized approach to self-discovery, where you explore and discover your capacities and possibilities.

I have worked with aspiring writers for the past three decades. Dozens of my writers have gone on to be published in a variety of genres including fiction and blogs. I offer transformational writing circles and workshops, a monthly year-long writing consultation circle in Prairie du Sac, WI at Healing Services on the River, and a Transformational Writing Circle in Madison WI. (Both start up this fall of 2018!) I’m known as the Writer’s Sherpa, and take to this role joyfully. I can work with you from anywhere in the world and have had clients in Australia, Germany, England, Greece, and Canada, to name a few. You can also find me through the UW-Madison, Continuing Studies where I offer on-line and face-to-face classes to help you with your writing intentions. Contact me for my (very reasonable fees) and set up your free 20 minute phone or SKYPE consultation: julie@julietallardjohnson.com.

I also offer a transformative healing practice centered on the Zero Point Agreement — Where we live from the inside-out, from our side, meeting life and others half-way. We learn to create and integrate our inner wisdom with the outside world. I offer ZERO POINT INTEGRATIVE HEALING SESSIONS. These healing sessions are an hour and a half long, involve narrative medicine, meditation, explorative conversation, and, integrative energy work for the last half an hour.

My next ZERO POINT CIRCLE starts in October of 2018 and will be held in the Madison area.

An endorsement from His Holiness the Dalai Lama (an excerpt): “Because the very purpose of life is to be happy, it is important to discover what will actually give us the greatest satisfaction. Everything we experience, whether it is enjoyable or not, affects either our minds or our bodies. Generally, it is our minds that have the greatest influence over whether we are happy or not. Our minds register everything that happens to us, no matter how small. As free human beings we can use our unique intelligence to try to understand ourselves and our world. But if we are unable to use our creative potential, we lose one of the basic characteristics of a human being. In order to find mental stability and peace, the mind itself can be trained. We can cultivate positive attitudes like kindness and compassion, tolerance and contentment. Julie describes many ways to create peace and happiness, some on your own and some with your friends. “ His Holiness the Dalai Lama, July 1995, for The Thundering Years

When you are ready to take the next step in your creative, personal, relational, spiritual or vocational life contact me at julie@julietallardjohnson.com to discuss how I may help you. I offer an initial twenty-minute phone consultation (free) prior to signing up for a personal session or before signing up for one of my circles.

Join anytime!! My ON-LINE CLASS: The Initiated Writer™.

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