What’s Your Story?


I’m attending a 4 part advocacy training through the Friends Committee on National Legislation. My motivation is to join others in lobbying for public interest during these dark and difficult times. I also need to learn some basic skills that will make me more effective when advocating for human rights.

Guess what the first lesson in advocacy is?:

“As a grassroots lobbyist, your power is in your story.”

I felt right at home among these strangers, both in our collective motivation to make a difference and in the opportunity to “flesh out my story.”  Through story “we can form a relationships based on trust and mutual respect.”

If your curious, here is their Structure of a story: 

  • Framing the issue (through an individual moment or experience). So, pivotal moments.
  • Identifying your values that stem from the moment or experience. So, naming my theme.
  • Tie this story into a policy issue. Bring in the universal thread.

The process is set up so we have an advocacy buddy who listens to our story and who is part of our advocacy training experience. This training results in larger advocacy teams who are strong in story with the willingness and ability to dialogue with politicians. I’m so in!

I get to explore and write about what motivates me to do this kind of work, I get to have a buddy to explore with and I am part of a larger advocacy team. All the key elements that also go into a dynamic and successful writer’s life. (Just say’n).

I will be writing at Barriques in Fitchburg this Thursday night from 5:45 to 9:00 pm. Join me. There is also a free writing retreat scheduled for July. (Check out my website). I will be meeting up with some of you at this year’s WRITE-BY-THE-LAKE, –one of my favorite weeks as a writer and writing Sherpa. I am available too for one-to-one consultation, if you need that writing buddy. Just email me and we can set up that (free) initial 20 minute phone consultation.  My writing circles start up again this fall, so it’s not too early to commit.

So, What’s Your Story?




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