The Sweet Wisdom of Getting There from Here

OutlookEmoji-1487467404074_PastedImageI met Angeline a few years back when she attended my class at Write-By-The-Lake. She was working on a collection of her poems and essays, which are now a book, titled Sweet Wisdoms.

918+WGltUvL._SY200_She is sweet, strong, and full of wisdom. Angeline is today’s guest blogger, enjoy.

You Can Get There from Here     by Angeline Haen

On life’s map, my point of beginning as a writer wasn’t exactly a red dot with an arrow pointed at it and the words “YOU ARE A WRITER”. It was more like a red wild scribble with the words “FOLLOW ME”.

Growing up, cathartic daily journals kept a young farm girl’s doubts, dreams and drama firmly pressed between heart and mattress each night. Oh, I have to wonder out loud how many tender teenage hearts have been mended by pen and paper! As a mother, the conscious streams of thoughts flowing onto the page drove deep meaning to my heart and wide understanding to my mind. Ordinary days were sweetened with mystical messages filled with wisdom. I found the place where pen meets paper.

It’s here, in my early forties that I recognize not all wisdom is siphoned from bitter experiences in life; wisdom had a sweet side. Nature and all things of the earth fueled my inspiration and insights. So did ponderings over split pea soup and daily walks with Wally, our yellow lab. In our everyday experiences there existed an eternal call to recognize and acknowledge the guidance in all that surrounds us. We are always in the presence of this sacred communication—heart to heart. In every moment, we choose to attend or decline the invitation extended by the signposts along our journey to “Take the exit” and see the (in)sights.

There came a time when all directions faced me. I had to trust my internal compass that directed me to the Native American community. As I understood my Native American teachings, each life had a give-away. It’s giving in such a way to keep the “gift” in sacred motion by showing a commitment to sharing it. Overtime, I realized my give-away was writing and as such, it was meant to be shared with all my relatives in a good way.

This knowing was met with resistance and big worry. Doubt and fear stalled my creative engine. I fell into a sputtered writing pattern of starts and stops. These self-imposed, emotional and mental constructs blocked the way to my full creative potential. Fear was at the wheel and I was going nowhere fast.

For me, the way to drive through fear’s heavy fog was to shine the bright light of writer’s love on the road ahead. I participated in writing circles, workshops and retreats. Any place writers supported the unfolding maps of other writers. After attending Julie’s session in the Write-by-the-Lake retreat, writing territory started to get charted. The red wild scribble began to resemble a red road and the “FOLLOW ME” sign, well, that was my heart talking.

As a writer, you will inevitably turn onto a few bumpy roads. When you do, find people and places that can smooth over the surface. On life’s map, you’re a throbbing red heart with an arrow pointed at it and the words, “YOU CAN GET THERE from here.” Keep driving the dream and you will never feel like you can’t get where you want to go and for goodness sakes don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Sweet Wisdoms was released in February, 2017 by Shanti Arts Publishing. Books are available through the publisher’s website. and several other retailers in both print and digital form.

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On My Walk, 2017


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Between Skins  by Angeline Haen 

Garter Snake left something behind,

a lacy sleeve

of his diamond design.

Soft and fragile,

thin as a whisper.


He breached restriction,

peeled it away.

hooked by the log

inside out and in one piece

the tissue print lays.


Trusting each twist, every turn

Surrendered to the struggle.

I wonder how that feels

to wholly leave behind

all that will not grow with you.


Wet flesh of newborn knowledge

understanding’s tender spiral.

Shedding is both

quiet and beautiful,

skin and tears alike.


Garter Snake and I

both have reached this place

where we can be

stretched no further—

stretched no further.


I looked for him

among dead leaves

and smooth grass.

Perhaps he sought deep refuge

in dense undergrowth.


Restless as the forces of creativity

Garter Snake can’t be held still

or tight for long.

When stirred, hidden passion glows

like embers buried in ash.


In this place—between skins

all of me

wiggled free

by creative energy.

All of me free.


Here grow the light,

live in the sunfields

when you can be stretched no further

leave something behind—

leave something behind.


Another Road in Ireland

Another Road in Ireland


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