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       2016 Prairie Burn

2016 Prairie Burn

“Nature is incapable of producing two identical creations, and she calls us to discover and bring forth our uniqueness. The great mystery is that life, too, colludes to find us.” —Parker J. Palmer, Leading from Within

Over my lifetime (I can say that now at 60), I have identified Cornerstones of Awakening. Awakening to our true nature. Awakening to our creativity. Awakening to community and compassion. We all witness the power of words. Our stories, the ones we tell ourselves and others, are the narratives we live. Even the vibration of words are known to influence our psychophysical and spiritual systems.

Inherent in our awakenings is the paradox of selfishness. We can only do this awakening ourselves, awakening from within, focused on our part in the creative and relational equations. At the same time, it is all about relationship and what we bring to others in story and service, and, what others bring to us.

I have found the cornerstones of personal awakening to be dependent on these eight experiences: 1) living life from the zero point (from within); 2) gathering together with others  to explore our inner and relational lives; 3) exploring and transforming a dynamic (a version of the 4th step in the 12 steps); 4) writing and sharing our stories (inventory/dynamic/life story) with others ; 5) relying on a compass (antidotal practices/connection to a Higher Power); 6) Regular contact with Nature; 7) contemplation and meditation; and finally, 8) staying in the conversation with your inner life, with your Higher Power, Nature and with others.

My books, the circles I hold and my work in the world rely on these cornerstones.

Starting this May I am offering 4 evenings to explore your inner and outer world through:

IMG_8414Awakening Ourselves & Our World through transpersonal* Writing, Meditation, Contemplation and Breath! 

 4 evenings of Awakening Ourselves & Our World through transpersonal* Writing, Meditation, Contemplation and Breath!
The 2nd Thursday evening of the month in May, June, July & August, from 6pm to 9pm, at Healing Services on the River, 595 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI.
This is for anyone wanting to experience more depth and expansion in (and through) your writing and journaling explorations (all levels welcome!). There will be monthly writing prompts, meditation and contemplative practices, and breath exercises.
• transpersonal |trans*p*r*snltranz-adjective   of, denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity: transpersonal states of consciousness.IMG_6349

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