Julie’s 2009 Fall Schedule


Sunrise Walks in the labyrinth-Spiral August 10th through the 15th. (5:30am to 7:30 am). The spiral is in full bloom. I take my walk around 5:30 but will keep an eye out for you. Just drive on up and park on the drive way. Sun rises over the hill around 5:45. The address is E3298 County Rd B. 6 miles west of Plain on County Rd B. Of course this is free and open. On SATURDAY the 15th, the labyrinth will be open to the public until NOON.  (Please bring appropriate walking shoes).

There is still room in the Spiritual Journaling Class —  

Spiritual Journaling: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Begins Wednesday September 9th. Meets every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Weds of the month for five months at Healing Services Overlooking the River in Prairie du Sac. 6 pm till 8:15.  $25 per night, scholarships available. Write your way to enlightenmentGain insight, get beyond the mind to deeper awareness, and develop your natural gifts of intuition, creativity and compassion. Inquiry through journaling practices. Access your inner wisdom keeper. Based on years of journaling practices, my book and various psychological practices that open one’s mind to wisdom. I have used journaling practices in my work with people (and in my own spiritual practice) for over 30 years. 

Some of you inquired about personal sessions —  

I offer personal one to one sessions based on transpersonal psychology and intuitive practices. My one to one sessions go for an hour and a half. Come in for a one time consultation or psychic reading or for a series of transpersonal counseling sessions. Creating movement and increasing integrity in your life is central to the paradigm I use in private sessions. I offer a sliding scale from $85 to $125.00 per session. I am available in Prairie du Sac at Healing Services Overlooking the River on Wednesdays and Thursdays and at Thundering Clouds, LLC (near Spring Green) on Tuesdays. Email or call me to set up a session. (Contact information below)

One last thing — 

My next OPEN WRITER’S Day at Thundering Clouds is FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4th, SUNRISE till 3:00pm (Come and walk the spiral at sunrise if you want). I will be available for brief consultations on your writing and journaling (free of course). Come and enjoy the spiral-labyrinth in the prairie, the Three Jewel labyrinth in the wood, visit the sweat lodge or simply write in the Thundering Clouds gazebo. Please bring appropriate walking shoes, bug spray, water bottle and lunch. 

This year’s Initiation Course began August 13th. The next one will begin October 2010, following the release of my Initiation book.

The Initiation Course

The spiritual pilgrimage of initiation reveals to the participant what is yet hidden, makes known to you and the world more of your true nature, gifts, latent possibilities, and inherent qualities. The process is one of movement, recapitulation, regeneration, transformation and initiation. The Wheel of Initiation opens “out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape.” It is an organic template of personal spiritual initiation, an inner pilgrimage where you free yourself from that which ties you to habitual and even harmful ways of being, into a more natural, initiated state of expression. 

The Year of Initiation will take you on an initiatory journey, a personal spiritual pilgrimage of initiation with me as your guide.

The Wheel of Initiation, once entered can offer you skillful and personal means of freedom from painful habitual states. But be warned, you will be leaving the shore of your comfort zone. As Andre Gide stated, “You cannot discover new continents without losing sight of the shore.” You will need a willingness to let go of old held on beliefs and assumptions about your self and the world to “see” anew. However, you will not be offered someone else’s beliefs to replace the ones that you already hold. This spiritual initiation is simple but not easy and opens inner doors so you can access and discern truth for yourself. It is accessible to all because the splendor indeed is hidden within each of us. The Wheel, as an organic template, presents you proficient means to open the inner doors for yourself, choose for yourself, and initiate yourself.

“When a rite of transformation is specifically geared toward a person’s lifelong spiritual journey into the circle of the spirit, it is referred to as an initiation rite. It initiates one’s daily spiritual path of understanding and practice by eliciting the proper mental attitude and providing the necessary ritual and philosophical knowledge.” Peter Gold, Navajo & Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit.

Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW, LCSW


Thundering Clouds Consulting & Counseling

Thundering Clouds Center for Creative Expression, LLC

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