How To Explore the Sacred Language of the Universe


Cover art for Wheel of Initiation, Wisconsin Artist, Kathy Kershaw

How Blue Bear Held On:  An Adapted Myth Borrowed from Various Indigenous Creation Stories

When the world was born, it began to fly out into space due to the whirling winds. There wasn’t anything to hold it in place. To prevent the Earth from whirling out of control, the Creator put a Sacred Bear in each direction to help hold it in place. The whirling wind continued, but the Earth stayed put, kept its seat, so to speak, while the Bear in each direction held on to it. And this was good.

In the North, the Creator placed the Great Blue Bear and gave her the one Sacred Thread to hold on to. Blue Bear of the North has held her seat since the birth of the Earth and has never let go of the Sacred Thread. But, as in all good stories, Blue Bear was tested for her strength, endurance, and patience. Crow gathered many birds to cause a disturbing wind to encircle Blue Bear. The birds and wind made such a disturbance that Blue Bear began to doubt she could hold on. She began to blame the Crows for her difficulty and became annoyed with the Creator for giving her such a task. The Crows cawed and cawed, and the winds of disturbance howled. The Earth below Blue Bear disappeared, and all she had was her end of the Sacred Thread.

But Blue Bear kept her place. She did not stir. She held on.

The Crows were relentless, and Blue Bear began to feel the wind of fear, the strongest wind of all.

But she did not move. She kept hold of the Sacred Thread. She stayed put even though the winds stirred and whirled and there seemed to be no chance of an end. Finally, the Crows got tired and left. And Blue Bear could see the great blue Earth right beneath her and the Sacred Thread connecting them. She took a deep breath, and a sigh passed over and around the Earth. And once again, it was good.

Now the Great Blue Bear sits just above the Earth in the North, bound by the Sacred Thread. She sits and holds on. She asks that each of us hold our place and never let go of our own Sacred Thread, though the winds may whirl and the voices disturb. Hold your seat. Don’t let go of the thread. Hold on.  (-excerpt from The Wheel of Initiation, Julie Tallard Johnson)

A way to tap into the sacred language of the Universe is to read, use, and adapt myths in your life and writing. In my week-long class at Write-By-The-Lake (coming up this June!) writers discover the mythological and symbolic template for their project. Such discoveries (there are others!) gives the writer a way to explore their subject and theme (on and off the page). Choosing a design to work with and holding to it makes writing and life more simple, and more beautiful. The discoveries come when each of us choose our own template, our own myths and metaphors, and let go of the “rules.” We then find ourselves writing and living forward.

“The first principle of composition, therefore, is to foresee or determine the shape of what is to come and pursue that shape. The more clearly the writer perceives the shape, the better are the chances of success.”  Will Struck & E.B. White, The Elements of Style, 4th Edition


Explore & Awaken to the sacred language of the Universe through writing, transpersonal states and meditation. A 4-night series starting this May, 11th at Healing Services on the River in Prairie du Sac. This class is for anyone wanting to experience more depth and breath in (and through) your writing. (All levels welcome!). There will be monthly writing prompts, meditation practices, & transpersonal breath exercises.


Also coming up!!: book gig with William DeBuys , author of THE LAST UNICORN, next week in Madison and Spring Green! Save the dates! William helps us explore and KEEP ALIVE the sacred languages of our beautiful world —


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