Awakened Body

“You are in the Universe and this universe is in you.”  –Jay Harjo

Living consciously means taking the whole of ourselves, –– mind, body, and soul. We often hear the words “grounded.” As in, to be grounded, centered and balanced. To be grounded means to “be in your body.” This means to have a conscious relationship with our bodies. Being grounded in our body while participating in a busy and often hectic life can be a challenge. However being grounded is key to a conscious life.

Life unfolds and how we respond to circumstances and events determines our happiness.  I often give the analogy of a tree falling on someone’s house. We can waste a lot of time feeling victimized by the storm or asking “why?” this happened to me. A grounded person has more inner vitality and presence to respond to such tragedy. When grounded we are not so easily pushed around by outside circumstances and respond better to life’s difficulties. Having a more grounded body gives us simple yet powerful means to experience life more fully and joyfully. When grounded we become the cause of our life rather than the effect.

“You are not responsible for his treating you like trash, but you are responsible for feeling like your life is ruined and having lived as though it is.”  –Victor Sanchez

To create in our life, to open up to all that is truly possible for us, we need to be in our body.  On the spiritual path we must look at how we treat our body and bring it into our daily practices. When we care for our body, live more grounded, this allows us to wake up (spiritually).

Consider these Grounding Practices:

Have a peace treaty with the body – develop a passion, a kindness with your physical self. Let your body know you care.

Look at how you treat your body. Hold a more conscious attitude with the body as you would a good friend.

Walk outside for 30 minutes a day.  Every day.

Spend meditative time in nature. Awaken all the senses and listen, smell, touch, and see what is around you.

Breathe. Breathe deep, yawn, and learn some yogic breath exercises, (breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth three times upon waking in the morning).

(You wondered if I dared suggest it?) –– Yes, hug a tree. Or better yet have long conversations with a favorite tree.

Dedicate at least one day a week to abstaining from the computer and television.

Practice yoga. Cook from scratch. Eat slowly. Walk barefoot on the ground. Garden. Practice mindfulness meditation. Listen to your emotions. Get a Thai massage.

Remember that we are made up of the same stuff as the Holy People (Buddha, Christ, Black Elk, etc.). We too can achieve an awakened body through the power of our efforts.

“Grounding provides a connection that makes us feel safe, alive, centered in ourselves, and rooted in our environment.”  –Anodea Judith

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