Ask Yourself This

Recently I was asked whether what I am writing in my novel is story relevant? Or, is it only writer relevant? At first, this question stopped me. Then I thought — right!, if what I write doesn’t move the story forward then it’s not truly relevant to the story. The subject may be important to me but not to the story and therefore not to the reader. Sometimes my writing gets into all sorts of topics that are not truly relavant to the story or theme of my piece. I find myself writing around the topic, creating more back story, or … Continue reading

The Thing About Marriage and Writing

Everyday I discover common ground in living a true spiritual life with that of living a true writer’s life. Take marriage and writing. A lot of people “get married,” and then, well, that’s it. They view themselves “as married,” with nothing left for them to do to create a marriage. Marriage isn’t something they “do,” it’s something they “have.”  They are “in” a marriage rather than making a marriage. Big mistake (albeit a common one). Marriage isn’t a possession; marriage is a relationship. We make a marriage. And, a true marriage, like all relationships, is just as much about the “other” as it is … Continue reading