This Is Your Destiny

Destiny is wasted on those that go in search of it. Our destinies are not something to find but to release. Yes, like an acorn, our greatest capacities and creations are within us from birth. For us writers this means we experience the most resistance in bringing forth the writer in us. At the same time this is also where we will feel the most push (that energy of that acorn wanting to turn into the big oak tree against the hard outer shell). Push Resistance We want to write. We feel contentment in “having written” something. We believe our … Continue reading

The Writer’s Tree of Life

A central meaning associated with the Tree of Life is how life itself began. It further symbolizes the origins of all creation and origination and how everything is interconnected and dependent. The Tree of Life shows us how life is created, becomes manifest and then nourishes other forms of life. So then, how does a writer come to manifest him or herself as a writer? Where is your Tree of Life? How do we create our writing and then bring it to life, nourishing ourselves and other living beings? We design our own Tree of Life as a way to … Continue reading

Voice of The World

Poets voice the world. (Artists vision the world). I would not have made it through my teenage years without such favored poets as Carl Sandburg, Leonard Cohen, or Bob Dylan. I have relied on both known and unknown poets my entire life. My free writing retreat days at my home are in remembrance of William Stafford, poet and activist. In recent years many local poets have graced my life, helped me to hear the soul of the world. Everyone of my books features poets because they help me share my message with you, my readers. Today’s blog is written by one of … Continue reading

How To Start Over and Finish “IT”

Starting over doesn’t mean to start over “at the beginning” but to start over from where you are now. Starting over is just as much of an attitude as an approach to the writer’s life. Most of us tend to write our first pages, introductions, or first chapters over and over. Or we write lots of “starts” to great stories, piling them up like a hoarder for that special time. This becomes a seductive loop of feeling as if we are moving forward when in fact we are stuck in a cluttered place. Here are three ways to generate momentum and … Continue reading

Turning a Fall into a Leap

There are so many ways we may find ourselves in a fall. We lose a job. We are confronted with economic loss. A friend betrays us. Our marriage ends. We get passed up. We get a devastating diagnosis. Or, we feel the fall of aging or some version of the impermanence of life. What was fulfilling is now generating unhappiness or what once felt true no longer does. In some way or another we are kicked out of our tree and are in a fast fall to the hard ground below. Sometimes we are at the top of our tree … Continue reading

Several Lines About Stories

Everything is story. How we interact with the stories inside us and around us become us. We are our stories. Sometimes the story of our self matches up with other’s story of us Sometimes not. All good stories have tension. This tension can be dark and frightening or bright and inspiring Or both at the same time. All good stories give us resolution. The best stories keep us moving forward; keep us reading and writing our own stories. There is always a villain So the heroine can arrive and save the day. Too many clichés kill a good story. Too many … Continue reading

Writer In The Palm of Your Hand

Writing is a delicate, vulnerable, risky vocation.  We need to hold our writer self like these young birds. These birds had the instinctual knowing to push through the dark inner world of the shell. They were then cared for and fed. Then they were kicked out of a tree by mama bird. All fine and good had my Jack Russel Terrier not been a threat. Each of us must write through the dark. We may wake up in the comfort and safety of a nest where we are wholly dependent upon others. We all get pushed out of the nest. … Continue reading

Keep Us From Destroying Ourselves

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” – Albert Camus There’s a Native American story that goes something like this: The Creator was about to destroy humanity because we were causing so much harm. At that same time Eagle had been called to a ceremony. In the ceremony the people thanked the Earth for Her abundance and announced their citizenship. Eagle heard their prayers. She then flew up to the Creator and asked for mercy for humanity. So the Creator gave Eagle the responsibility to check-in on us, and if one person was still doing ceremony, … Continue reading

I Made Wonder Woman Cry

I made my writing partner, Wonder Woman, cry. The last time I blogged about writing my novel I shared how my writing partner said it was time for me to take out all the backstory. I had a lot of backstory, especially in the beginning chapters. I read through my manuscript and discovered how backstory can be “resistance showing up on the page.” Because I believed I couldn’t write about this particular topic (at least well) I slipped it in as backstory. I convinced myself I didn’t’ have the skills to get this scene and story onto the page in … Continue reading

A Liberating Discovery

“I live life from my side.” This is the zero point agreement. This means we take responsibility for our life and experiences. This of course is the theme of my book with the same title. When we succeed at living life from our side, we flourish at life. One practice (not found in the book) that accelerates the satisfaction quotient in our life is to explore a dynamic. (Exploring a dynamic is a practice we do in the Zero Point Circles I hold in Madison and Prairie du Sac.) This “attitude of exploration,” along with consciousness around a particular dynamic … Continue reading